The First Raffle

I decided to do the first raffle. I said I would do it on the 20th, but then I thought: why not do TWO? So I am doing just that. There will be another raffle on the 20th, as promised, so this is an EXTRA one. I just didn’t want to wait anymore. I will explain in the video 🙂 Everyone who has subscribed to my channel (and has their ‘subscriptions set to public’ at this moment is in it. For the next raffle (January 20th), I will include everybody who has subscribed so far (and all new subscribers – I will manually keep track of new subscribers from now on, so you don’t need to set your settings to public. So, without further ado … here it is. And … we have a winner! There is also a solo piano piece at the end, wherein I fucked up twice (playing an F, instead of an F sharp) – I could have redone it, but I didn’t. Please forgive me.