Four Chords – a tutorial

There are these four chords that everybody has heard (of) … pretty much 60% of western popular music is based on these chords. I will not go into much detail, but I hope to give you some kind of clue about them in this video.

Chords used: Cmaj7 – Am7 – Dm7 – G7

Cmaj7 = C-E-G-B
Am7 = A-C-E-G
Dm7 = D-F-A-C
G7 = G-B-D-F

Enough information to keep you going for hours in a row. And the good thing is … you will just need the white keys. I love white keys. And I love black keys. I love all keys. But in this tutorial, will only need the white ones. Next tutorial, let’s have a go at just the black keys, what do you think?