Frederic (Fred) Boyce Händl

Performing musician, music tutor and recording artist. Born in 1972 in Germany, raised (and based) in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Started playing piano at early age, tutored by his father. Followed private lessons by Anne Zweers, Peter Holzer and Frans van Kimmenade. And later, at the Conservatory of Tilburg (now the Academy of Music and Performing Arts) under Willem Kühne).

His teaching career started when he was in his early twenties, while working at different day time jobs. In 2001 he took up teaching full-time.


Panus Bolus (1993 – 1996)
Guitarist for Punk Rock Duo – with Mick Levell

Freq. L (1995 – 1997)
Guitarist and vocalist for Avant Garde Rock Duo – with Herrie Friend

J.L.F. (Jacques Le Philatheliste) (1992 – 1994)

Flux’ (1994 – 1997)
Singer and trumpeter

The Forlorn (1995)

Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra – Z.E.R.O. (2016 – now)

Zappatika (2014 – 2016)

Dr. Freddie’s Atomic Commotion (2016 – now)
Keyboardist, Singer, Guitarist, Bassist

The All New Frankly Don’t-Wop Band (2019 – now)
Pianist – with Kevin Crosby


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