Who is Fred Händl?

Frederic Boyce Händl

Portrait by Jurgen Verfaillie

Born and raised in the city of Bliesdorf, Fred Händl (1972) has led an ‘adventurous, but pretty cool life as a young adult and stuff ’ as he calls it. Having lived and worked in El Salvador, Russia, Mexico, Greece, France, Slovenia and Montenegro, he finally ended up in the city of Eindhoven (Netherlands), where he learned to appreciate and enjoy the finest of details that life has to offer. Nothing would have changed, if he hadn’t moved to The Hague in 2006. The city that’s not really a city. Kinda like Canada, but totally different.

After somewhat of a rough period in the German and Dutch musical underground scene throughout the ’90’s and ’00’s (as front man and trumpeter for the experimental prog band Flux’ and as a guitarist for punk ensemble Panus Bolus), Fred decides to return to calmer waters and starts to devote more time to playing piano. In 2012, Händl releases Weltvergnugen, a smart compilation of his old guitar work and his more recent piano recordings.

In September 2014, he joins the Frank Zappa tribute band ZAPPATiKA and with them, he tours extensively through Europe, playing with formed Frank Zappa band members, such as Ike Willis, Jeff Hollie, Ed Mann, Craig ‘Twister’ Steward and Denny Walley.

Late 2015, he releases the album: Fred Händl plays the music of Frank Zappa – featuring The Giacomo di Lindini Trio. An hommage to Frank Zappa.

In 2016, together with Herrie Friend, Giacomo di Lindini and Coen, Fred starts a new rocking combo named Dr. Freddie’s Atomic Commotion. He leaves the tribute band but continues to play Zappa’s music. In The Yellow Hippo Studios (The Hague), as well as on stage. In September 2016 he toured the Pacific Northwest with the Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra (Z.E.R.O.) with Kevin Crosby, Rupert Kettle, Ike Willis and Prairie Prince.

Z.E.R.O. comes together again in March 2017, where they headline Festival Moo-ah! – a three day Zappa-festival in Corby, UK. Joined on stage by Craig ‘Twister’ Steward and Denny Walley.

2017 is also the year that Fred has announced he is working a new Frank Zappa Tribute CD, called: The Poodle Magic Pig Type. At his side, will be recording Mark Watson, Grace Quinn, Prairie Prince, Kevin Crosby, Marcel van der Vondervoort, Dave Lee, Herrie Friend, Coen, Giacomo di Lindini and more.

For more news on Fred’s endeavours, please check back here, or visit his Social profiles on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. I’m sure he’ll appreciate that.

~ Jass Vernkontoret

© June 2017