The Second Raffle

Today, January 20th, 2018 … The Second Raffle!

Trophies to be won, today:

  • My CD My Personal Business Card
  • A Pencil (yellow)
  • A Guitar Pick (yellow)
  • 25 Grolsch Beer Gaskets
  • A Recorder
  • A Set Of Guitar Strings
  • A Photograph
  • A Sharpie
  • All items signed (‘cept for the pencil) with the Sharpie.

This video also includes a beer test and fireworks.

** UPDATE – please read **

Many people complained that their names aren’t on the list. I have explained this a couple of times in the videos – and will do again now 🙂 When you subscribe to a YouTube channel, the owner of that channel can only see if you did so, if you set your subscriptions to public Read what YouTube says about it here:… In The First Raffle, I told people who subscribed but have their subscriptions set to private, please let me know you subscribed, so I can add you to the list of contestants. I will continue to do so, so please let me in the comments (or find me on Facebook and tell me there), that you have subscribed. I will add you to the next raffle!

Thank you. Love,

~ Fred

For Sale !!

This video is a bit different from the others I have posted. Or perhaps it is not … in that case it is the same.

But seriously, folks … Currently, I am working on my album The Poodle Magic Pig Type (working title). As I am financing this project myself, I am now at the point of trying to raise some cash. For my latest album, I started a fundraiser, but after all that was done, I decided I am not doing that anymore. So, I came up with a different idea: I am going to raise money by selling some of the stuff I own. That way, they buyer will actually purchase something, and at the same time contribute to the funding of the album. This is a special one, because the person to buy this item(s) will also get the FIRST album – numbered and signed. So, let it begin! Oh, and there is some piano playing as well …

Four Chords – a tutorial

There are these four chords that everybody has heard (of) … pretty much 60% of western popular music is based on these chords. I will not go into much detail, but I hope to give you some kind of clue about them in this video.

Chords used: Cmaj7 – Am7 – Dm7 – G7

Cmaj7 = C-E-G-B
Am7 = A-C-E-G
Dm7 = D-F-A-C
G7 = G-B-D-F

Enough information to keep you going for hours in a row. And the good thing is … you will just need the white keys. I love white keys. And I love black keys. I love all keys. But in this tutorial, will only need the white ones. Next tutorial, let’s have a go at just the black keys, what do you think?



Today, I received a beautiful message on Twitter on my composition Toets. Since this morning, the track has been playing in my head and so this evening, I let it out and played it. It has been a long time since I played the whole thing – I have played parts of it here and there, but tonight I gave it a try and played it all. Hope you like it.

The First Raffle

I decided to do the first raffle. I said I would do it on the 20th, but then I thought: why not do TWO? So I am doing just that. There will be another raffle on the 20th, as promised, so this is an EXTRA one. I just didn’t want to wait anymore. I will explain in the video 🙂 Everyone who has subscribed to my channel (and has their ‘subscriptions set to public’ at this moment is in it. For the next raffle (January 20th), I will include everybody who has subscribed so far (and all new subscribers – I will manually keep track of new subscribers from now on, so you don’t need to set your settings to public. So, without further ado … here it is. And … we have a winner! There is also a solo piano piece at the end, wherein I fucked up twice (playing an F, instead of an F sharp) – I could have redone it, but I didn’t. Please forgive me.

54 Subscribers Panic …. and Milk

The first video of 2018 didn’t really go as planned. I even had to VIDEO EDIT !! Something I 1: don’t like and 2: don’t have any idea how to do, so when I try it’s only all too obvious. Why did I do it, then? Well, simply because my phone ran out of juice and I had to charge it before I could hang it on the ceiling again.

That said … here’s Milk. And somethings else.