Autumn Leaves and Yellow Snow

Tonight, I am no longer not happy. As you can witness in this video. Actually, I am quite happy, because I have been (ignoring Frank Zappa’s advice), drinking yellow snow.

But not alone that … I was touched by your warm and ever so kind words. And yes … I say thank you. In this video, I rattle the keys on the chords of Autumn Leaves.

Not all my rattling is spot on, sorry for that, but hey … it came from the heart. It really did.


~ Fred

A not so happy evening in The Yellow Hippo Studios

Tonight, I was not happy, for reasons that would make me happier if I’d share them with you. Instead, I did my best to play something that fitted my mood.

Feel free to skip this video. But also, feel free to indulge in my sadness. Perhaps tonight we can share our unhappiness. Divide it, in two. So we’ll both be half as unhappy as we were before this video.

I have no idea where I am going with this. So, without further ado. Here goes. Nothing.

For Piano – tutorial

Another evening, Saturday evening this time, in The Yellow Hippo Studios. This time, I will teach you how to play my own composition For Piano, a tune that I composed when I was in Châteaudun, France.

Maybe I should have named the track Pour Piano, but I didn’t, so it’s called For Piano. It’s on my album Orange (which is on Spotify).

Please enjoy. Or not, of course.

Zappadan, day #4. Miles Davis’ Blue in Green. And presents.

Another fresh tutorial for your entertainment. Don’t miss out and watch the whole thing. It’s only like half an hour of your life. It might even make you smile, or want to pick up playing piano. So far for the talk. Subscribe to my channel and be the first to be notified when more ridiculous videos are posted. Or don’t subscribe and have a calmer life, without even more ridiculous videos being posted. Tonight’s video contains a new tune, some piano playing, me forgetting to close the door (and my beer!), a little dance, a little musical surprise and a tutorial on how to play Blue in Green with only the pinky of your left hand (and your right hand … ) As you can tell from this description … another well-organised evening full of wonderment.

Watermelon for Dweezil – Zappadan 2017 – Day Two

On this second day of Zappadan 2017, I recorded this video for Dweezil Zappa. To thank him for all that he has done, and is still doing to keep his dad’s music alive and introduce it to future generations (unlike some of his siblings – but I’m not going there). Dweezil, if you ever end up seeing this video, please know that even though it’s nothing too spectacular, I meant well. Keep up what you’re doing. You’re the best and a world-wide Zappa clan is right behind you. We are indeed the other people.

Zappadan 2017 – new glasses and a video edit

Kicking off Zappadan with one extra song of the 24 hours in a day. I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean, but I said it twice in this video. This video also includes a premeditated video edit – kinda funky, if you ask me. I wish I learned how those video editors work, so I can just turn the video around ‘real time’, so I don’t need to cut it up in two pieces, turn one around and then stick ‘m back together. Oh … and, to top it all off, I will be playing something as well.