Monday evening havoc

In this video, a lot of things happen. More than I was planning on. But, as goes life, one can not steer external factors. So, what happens here, is a chaotic video (even more chaotic than any of the others). With beer, music, two tutorials, a dance, a new intro tune (brought to you by my Yamaha SHS-10R – a machine that decided to leave this valley of tears today, as you will see when you manage to watch until the end), there’s also other things.

None of it all nicely displayed. It’s mayhem! I guess the few subscribers I harvested over the last couple of weeks, will all vanish after watching this one. I am sorry, guys and gals. And for those still sticking ’round: I love you.

Alf theme song

This here is a feeble attempt to play the theme song of the 80’s series Alf. We all loved Alf. From planet Melmac, his girlfriend Rhonda, Lucky the cat, the neighbours Raquel and Trevor Ochmonek, Kate, Brian, Lynn. We all loved Alf.

This is the theme song, composed by no one less then Alf Heiberg Clausen. Really, I kid you not. For some reason, unknown to me, there is a glitch in the sound – sorry about that. I meant well.


Friday the 13th

Not one of your average evenings. Today was a bad day for Al. He was sacked. Well, I sacked him. It’s all documented in this video – which might make it a bit sad for all those people that know Al. He’s not a bad guy, but he simply didn’t cut it. As you can witness in this video.
That said … here’s a new video of mine. Discussion three valuable topics, viz. Stella Artois beer, the Yamaha SHS-10R, and the chords to the song River Flows In You by Yiruma. As you can see and read already … too close for comfort. Hope you enjoy this vid anyways.

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Vox Apache II Phantom

My name is Al. I am Fred’s manager and I have access to his YouTube Channel – as he trusts me. He urged me not to upload this video, but I did anyway. Not because I wanna be a jerk or anything, but because I know he’d not do this anytime soon – if not today. I’ll take the blame, but I still think it is worth a watch. So I’ll deal with it, whatever happens.

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A video in F sharp

As in the description … this is a video in F sharp (F#). A pretty peculiar key, because it contains 6 sharps (while there are only 5 black keys on the piano). That means, indeed, that not all sharps are black keys.

Right hand plays melody with the notes: F# G# A# B C# D# E#

Left hand plays (in no particular order):

F# C#
E# C#
D# A#
C# A#
B F#
C# G#


— update: I made a mistake in the right hand, by playing an A in the melody, please disregard that. Besides that, I called the F# an F, while introducing the F# scale at the beginning of the piano part.

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A birthday thank you !

Today, October 2nd, was my birthday … and I was overwhelmed with birthday wishes. I haven’t even gotten the time to thank everyone that either congratulated or insulted me, so I did this video instead. I hope you enjoy it. But most of all, I hope that all of you who sent me birthday wishes actually get to see this video.

I’ll still do my best to thank each and every one of you personally, but please forgive me if I don’t manage. I love you just as much xoxo

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Yesterday, When I Was Young

It was a lonely Thursday evening … With my birthday coming up, I was feeling all emotional and nostalgic and stuff. I do like having my birthday, but the three/four days before, I tend to get all mushy about it. This video is most likely not going to make it to your ‘liked videos’ list, but I want to share it anyways. As I did. Next time, I’ll be doing something else, like play Purple Rain on piano (or still something else) stay tuned.

This one here, features me on piano and vocals. I just watched it again and perhaps I shouldn’t have. But I did. And there you go.

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