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The Poodle Magic Pig Type – feat. Mark Watson
Fred Händls latest concoction contains fourteen tracks, all composed by Frank Zappa – arranged and produced by Fred Händl – co-produced by Marcel van de Vondervoort.
Nine of fourteen tracks can be previewed (prelistened) in full on my Bandcamp page.
Price for a signed CD (incl. shipping)
Netherlands: € 20,-
Europe: € 25,-
World: € 30,-
or Bank Transfer (please send an e-mail to:
Thank you,
~ Fred


The Poodle Magic Pig Type

How to order your copy of The Poodle Magic Pig Type CD

Prices in Euros (including shipping)

Signed CD – 14 tracks

The Netherlands € 16,00
Europe and U.K. € 19,00
U.S.A. / World € 23,00

How to order directly

To order by PayPal, please use this direct PayPal link.

You can also pay per bank transfer. If you prefer to do so, please email me, and I will provide payment details in my reply –

Alternatively, you can order from my Bandcamp page by clicking here:

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Thank you!

~ Fred

The Poodle Magic Pig Type on

Yesterday, October 14th 2018, on Zeit für … Zappanale #29 und Fred Händl

Almost one hour of attention for The Poodle Magic Pig Type. I was interviewed by Steffen Schindler – man, was I ever nervous. I think I did well, though.

Here is it …

Thanks Steffen and Klaus for the opportunity!



The Second Raffle

Today, January 20th, 2018 … The Second Raffle!

Trophies to be won, today:

  • My CD My Personal Business Card
  • A Pencil (yellow)
  • A Guitar Pick (yellow)
  • 25 Grolsch Beer Gaskets
  • A Recorder
  • A Set Of Guitar Strings
  • A Photograph
  • A Sharpie
  • All items signed (‘cept for the pencil) with the Sharpie.

This video also includes a beer test and fireworks.

** UPDATE – please read **

Many people complained that their names aren’t on the list. I have explained this a couple of times in the videos – and will do again now 🙂 When you subscribe to a YouTube channel, the owner of that channel can only see if you did so, if you set your subscriptions to public Read what YouTube says about it here:… In The First Raffle, I told people who subscribed but have their subscriptions set to private, please let me know you subscribed, so I can add you to the list of contestants. I will continue to do so, so please let me in the comments (or find me on Facebook and tell me there), that you have subscribed. I will add you to the next raffle!

Thank you. Love,

~ Fred

For Sale !!

This video is a bit different from the others I have posted. Or perhaps it is not … in that case it is the same.

But seriously, folks … Currently, I am working on my album The Poodle Magic Pig Type (working title). As I am financing this project myself, I am now at the point of trying to raise some cash. For my latest album, I started a fundraiser, but after all that was done, I decided I am not doing that anymore. So, I came up with a different idea: I am going to raise money by selling some of the stuff I own. That way, they buyer will actually purchase something, and at the same time contribute to the funding of the album. This is a special one, because the person to buy this item(s) will also get the FIRST album – numbered and signed. So, let it begin! Oh, and there is some piano playing as well …

Four Chords – a tutorial

There are these four chords that everybody has heard (of) … pretty much 60% of western popular music is based on these chords. I will not go into much detail, but I hope to give you some kind of clue about them in this video.

Chords used: Cmaj7 – Am7 – Dm7 – G7

Cmaj7 = C-E-G-B
Am7 = A-C-E-G
Dm7 = D-F-A-C
G7 = G-B-D-F

Enough information to keep you going for hours in a row. And the good thing is … you will just need the white keys. I love white keys. And I love black keys. I love all keys. But in this tutorial, will only need the white ones. Next tutorial, let’s have a go at just the black keys, what do you think?



Today, I received a beautiful message on Twitter on my composition Toets. Since this morning, the track has been playing in my head and so this evening, I let it out and played it. It has been a long time since I played the whole thing – I have played parts of it here and there, but tonight I gave it a try and played it all. Hope you like it.